Weekly Worship Service Hours

Sunday School:
Summertime June - Aug:  8:30AM
Sept - May:  9:30AM

Worship on Sunday:
Summertime June - Aug:  9:30AM
Sept - May:  8AM & 10:30AM

Nursery Area Is Available. If you or your child should need the service of our nursery, either before or during the worship services, our ushers will be happy to assist you.

Activity Bags are available for your use during the service in the back of the church. Ask an usher. Please return the Activity Bag to the rack after service.

Special Worship Service & Events

Ms. Krista’s
Gumbo Dinner
Cake Auction

15 July 2018 11:30AM - 1:00PM Activity Hall

All proceeds will go toward Redeemer’s Community
Thanksgiving Day Dinner

For only $8.00 you will receive: Gumbo, Salad, Bread & Dessert 

To-Go-Boxes will be available.

To pre order for pickup, you can place a “none offering” envelope in the Offering Plate with:
 Your name
 Phone number
 Number of dinners
 Payment
or, call Donna at 455-0330 ext one. 

This Week At Redeemer
This Week At Redeemer:
6:00PM Church Council - FH

9:00AM Sheriff’s Safety Inspection
6:00PM WEAC Board Meeting
6:30PM LWML Meeting - AH

7:30AM Men’s Bible Breakfast - Denny’s on Mobile Highway

9:00AM Cleaning of the Gym and AH

5:00PM Indoor Soccer - Gym

10:00AM Indoor Soccer - Gym

11:00AM Gumbo Luncheon - AH

Changes and Notifications

Our Church Council meets the second Monday of every month at 6:00PM in the Fellowship Hall. 
Our next meeting is   09 July 2018

President:  JoAnne First

Vice President:  Steve Smothers

Secretary:  Lois Paul

Treasurer:  Sharon Barger

Financial Secretary:  Warren Paul

Board of Christian Education Chair:  Dan Hoffman

Board of Elders Chair:  Neal Smith

Board of Youth Chair:  Melanie Cole

Evangelism Chair:  Jeff Williams

Property & Grounds Chair:  Bob Heinicke

Stewardship Chair: John Hanke

Notes from Pastor Cole

Summertime blessings! Welcome to our website. Thanks for visiting!

I don’t believe in coincidences, because God always has a purpose for our connections.  Perhaps He brought you to this website today for a special reason!

Along with the people here at Redeemer, I pray that the Lord's bringing you into a connection with us, will provide blessings to you today. I also pray that our Lord's Holy Spirit guide you in knowing Jesus better through God's Word. For further opportunities to get to know our Redeemer and to receive His blessings, we invite you to come and meet with us here at our church and school! 

Please consider joining us in worship this next Sunday as we continue to celebrate God's victory in Christ's Resurrection. This month we continue walking in faith by the Presence of God's Holy Spirit in Pentecost!

Come join us as we continue the joy of our past Easter Season! We celebrate our Lord's Victory each Sunday in worship. We hold Divine Worship with Holy Communion on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month, and have services of Prayer and Praise with God's Word on the alternating weekends.   

Please NOTE the Summer Schedule Time Change which begins in June and continues through the month of August. In the summertime Bible Studies and Sunday School begins at 8:30AM (instead of 9:30AM) and Morning Worship will be in a unified service that meets at 9:30am. You are welcomed to join us as one body in Christ for these special times of praise and prayer during our Pentecost Season of spiritual growth in our Redeemer!

God's blessings to you in this Green Season of growth! Pastor Cole 

Martin Luther's Seal - Expressive of His Theology

The Seal of Martin Luther was designed by Martin Luther himself.  He explained his design in the following words:

     The first thing expressed in my seal is a cross, black, within the heart, to put me in mind that faith in Christ crucified saves us.  "For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness."

     Now, although the cross is black, mortified, and intended to cause pain, it does not change the color of the heart, does not destroy nature -- i.e., does not kill, but keeps alive.  "For the just shall live by faith," -- by faith in the Savior.

     But this heart is fixed upon the center of a white rose, to show that faith causes joy, consolation and peace.  The rose is white, not red, because white is the ideal color of all angels and blessed spirits.

     This rose, moreover, is fixed in a sky-colored ground, to denote that such joy of faith in the spirit is but an earnest beginning of heavenly joy to come, as anticipated and held by hope, though not yet revealed.

     And around this ground base is a golden ring, to signify that such bliss in heaven is endless, and more precious than all joys and treasures, since gold is the best and most precious metal.  Christ, our dear Lord, He will give grace unto eternal life.


Redeemer Lutheran Church & School Happy Times Newsletter

The "Happy Times" is the official newsletter of Redeemer Lutheran Church & School.  It is published monthly and the deadline for submissions is the third Monday of each month by 1:00PM.  If you would like to submit something, you must send it to the church office via the e-Mail address found on the Contact Page.

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